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Transform your smile with The Angel Dental Practice in Hangleton, Hove

Orthodontics In Hangleton, Hove

Our Orthodontics service at Angel Dental for adults and children can help to improve the look and feel of your teeth and smile. Our Orthodontics are a great solution if you have crowded, uneven, crooked, or over lapping teeth, with our help you can have the smile you have always wanted.

Our service includes:

If you have any questions regarding our Orthodontics service please contact us and speak to one of our team.

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Before & After Examples

Orthodontics at Angel Dental In Hove

FastBraces® at Angel Dental In Hove


FastBraces® is a new orthodontic treatment with gives the best results comfortably and affordably in the shortest amount of time. FASTBRACES® delivers beautiful results, even in about 100 days. One of the key benefits to using FASTBRACES® for straightening teeth is that patients see a noticeable difference in their teeth within a matter of days and some could be out of the braces in about 100 days.

Speak to our Dentists today and ask about FASTBRACES®.

Clear Aligners at Angel Dental In Hove

Clear Aligners

With our clear aligners you do not have to feel embarrassed about wearing braces, this cosmetic tooth straightening solution for adults is a clear removable cosmetic appliance designed to straighten your front 6-8 teeth. Clear Aligners can straighten teeth that are crowded, rotated, tilted forward or backwards using exact impressions taken by our team of dentists.

Our Dentist will complete a dental examination first and discuss with you the best solution available for you.

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